Pure CSS Overlay Message Popup Modal Box

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Are you fed up using boostrap modal box? you will be urged to use lot of css and jquery. Do you want to code your own popup modal box? Here is the perfect solution for you. This tutorial will help you to create overlay message popup box using CSS. HTML Snippet

Hello!!! Pure CSS overlay Message popup box

CSS Snippet


Select dropdown placeholder

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Normally, we have placeholder for input and textarea field. The placeholder will be in gray colored text when you start typing it will turn into black but what about select box? We don’t have any placeholder attribute for select dropdown. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create placeholder for select dropdown using jquery. We need, select dropdown Select value should be in gray color and option should be in black. First of all, create normal select box

Here, Select value and value 1, value 2.. everything will…read more


Fully CSS Animated DropDown Menu

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In this tutorial,  am going to show you how to create fully css animated dropdown menu without using JQuery and Javascript This menu will be creating sub categories that appear once the parent menu is activated by hover. See it in action here. Demo THE HTML STRUCTURE

First of all, we have to create HTML  <nav> element to house the navigation menu bar, then add the parent menu items in an unordered list.

The sub menu links can be added under the “Frameworks” and “Technology” links, with each link is…read more