Twitter Bootstrap HTML Template & Themes

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In this tutorial, am going to show you how to create html templates using twitter bootstrap.


This Twitter Bootstrap HTML template has :

  • 3 types of Menus
  • Banner image
  • 4 types of Heading Style
  • Footer with Scroll Top Button

Download bootstrap here and extract it into your server or local.

Bootstrap folder structure

Create index.html and style.css in bootstrap root folder.


Add these code in <head> section

Add these code in <body> section

For Fixed menu bar add these code next to <body> tag

Now the container div starts, add the below codes inside <div class=”container”>

Normal Menu

Dropdown Menu

To place Banner image under menu

We have Four kinds of heading style, choose the best heading style which suits your template

Heading Style 1

Heading Style 2

Heading Style 3

Heading Style 4

Atlast, Footer Section with Scroll Top Button


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