Twitter Bootstrap HTML Template & Themes

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In this tutorial, am going to show you how to create html templates using twitter bootstrap. Demo This Twitter Bootstrap HTML template has : 3 types of Menus Banner image 4 types of Heading Style Footer with Scroll Top Button Download bootstrap here http://getbootstrap.com/ and extract it into your server or local. Bootstrap folder structure

Create index.html and style.css in bootstrap root folder. Index.html Add these code in <head> section

Add these code in <body> section For Fixed menu bar add these code next to <body> tag

Now the…read more

How to install Yii Framework within 5 mins

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To install Yii in windows (Wamp Server) within 5 minutes, just follow these 5 simple steps. Download the latest stable version of Yii from this link http://www.yiiframework.com/download/ and unzip this downloaded file into C:\wamp\www (if it is wamp) Setup Environmental variable: Go to Control panel > System > Advanced System Settings (Left side Panel). A popup window will open. Under “Advanced” tab, click “Environment Variable”. A “Edit system Variable” Popup window will open. Then edit variable value here. Don’t delete the existing variable value, just add semicolon (;) and then…read more