How to install Prerender in your ReactJS (Javascript) Application

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In a traditional website (static HTML pages), you can able to view the page source code whereas in SPA (Single Page Application) you can’t able to view the source code unless you inspect the element using developer tools. In the same way, the crawler (bot) will look for the source code to index the website but unfortunately, it won’t get any data. The same thing will happen for social media bots as well. If you are sharing any pages in your social media, it can’t able to crawl the meta title, description…read more


How to test your app for cookie change in google chrome 84 before its launch

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The chrome new update will roll out on July 14 in Chrome 84 that controversial cookie modifications that could cause some websites to break. The SameSite cookie modifications will enhance the security and privacy for users. The ‘SameSite by default cookies’ will possibly break some functionalities for some sites, particularly those websites, which rely on single sign-on (SSO) features. The companies need to review and test their websites before the chrome update should roll out. To test the website, they should follow the below procedure and make sure the new…read more


Pure CSS Overlay Message Popup Modal Box

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Are you fed up using boostrap modal box? you will be urged to use lot of css and jquery. Do you want to code your own popup modal box? Here is the perfect solution for you. This tutorial will help you to create overlay message popup box using CSS. HTML Snippet

Hello!!! Pure CSS overlay Message popup box

CSS Snippet


Select dropdown placeholder

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Normally, we have placeholder for input and textarea field. The placeholder will be in gray colored text when you start typing it will turn into black but what about select box? We don’t have any placeholder attribute for select dropdown. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create placeholder for select dropdown using jquery. We need, select dropdown Select value should be in gray color and option should be in black. First of all, create normal select box

Here, Select value and value 1, value 2.. everything will…read more


Change Timezone in PHP

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DateTimeZone is the representation of time zone. You can change the timezone using this function. For example, If you want Indian time zone, use “Asia/Kolkata”.

This link will give you a list of time zones. http://www.php.net//manual/en/timezones.php Use this function date_default_timezone_get() to know the default timezone of your server.

OUTPUT: The current server timezone is: Europe/Paris


How to create Model in Yii2 using Gii tool

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First of all, you should install yii2 to follow these steps. After installation, you can then access Gii tool through the following URL: http://localhost/path/to/index.php?r=gii [eg: http://localhost/yii2advanced/frontend/web/index.php?r=gii] If you have enabled pretty URLs, you may use the following URL: http://localhost/path/to/index.php/gii [eg: http://localhost/yii2advanced/frontend/web/index.php/gii] possible errors: Page Not Found, Unable to resolve the request gii solution: check whether the gii module is enabled in @app/frontend/config/main-local.php

  Model Generator This generator generates an ActiveRecord class for the specified database table. Click “start” button under model generator to create Models. Before that, create table…read more


How to install yii2.0 basic and advanced application using composer and archived files

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Currently, there are two Yii 2.0 application templates available: Basic Application Template – a basic frontend application template. Advanced Application Template – consisting of a frontend, a backend, console resources, common (shared code), and support for environments. Before Installation: Make sure you are using php version > php 5.4, if not upgrade it. To enable or recompile php with openssl, Find line ;extension=php_openssl.dll in C:\wamp\bin\php\php.version\php.ini and uncomment it by removing the semicolon (;) from the beginning of the line. Note: WAMP uses different php.ini files in the CLI and for Apache. when you enable php openssl through…read more

Fully CSS Animated DropDown Menu

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In this tutorial,  am going to show you how to create fully css animated dropdown menu without using JQuery and Javascript This menu will be creating sub categories that appear once the parent menu is activated by hover. See it in action here. Demo THE HTML STRUCTURE

First of all, we have to create HTML  <nav> element to house the navigation menu bar, then add the parent menu items in an unordered list.

The sub menu links can be added under the “Frameworks” and “Technology” links, with each link is…read more